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Innovative Physical Therapy
The balance of body, mind, and spirit and the science of physical therapy
Ursula’s treatment changed my life. I was constantly in severe pain and could not sit without due to coccyx dislocation. I felt immediate relief after the first treatment and after one month of treatments I was able to go on long drives and sit down to work. In addition to the physical changes, Ursula guided me through life altering discoveries of the source of my pain.

Gail Tannenbaum September 7, 2004
I am convinced that many of you can be helped with this type of therapy. It is subtle, however it reaches and undoes what causes the problem.
I suffered back pain for years and as a result of ten visits with craniosacral therapy I am pain free.

Joe Hamvey October, 2004
If you suffer from lower back pain, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with Ursula Flaherty, as I did. Even if you have tried conventional physical therapy treatments with little success, as I had, you must experience a treatment with Ursula; as her innovative techniques are truly unique and highly effective.

The findings of my M.R.I. scan, dated 14-Dec-2004 state:
“Large disc extrusion at L5-S1 resulting in significant central canal stenosis and mass effect on the traversing sacral nerve roots.”
Translated in plain English as – Severe Lower Back pain, which limited my normal everyday activities, including the ability to get a good nights rest.
There was no pain free position for me, as both sitting and standing for extended periods of time were virtually unbearable, due to the severe pain experienced.

I am extremely fortunate to have found Ursula; as I can honestly say that her unique treatments have not only eliminated my lower back pain, but have also enhanced my quality of life. I was not asked to write this testimonial, of what I consider to be, my remarkable healing success as a direct result of Ursula’s treatments, but rather , I asked to write it. My only intentions were and are to help others become as pain free as I have, thanks to Ursula and my commitment to her complete healing process.
Schedule an appointment with Ursula today and begin your journey toward a pain free body. You’ve got nothing to lose, but pain.

John Sarnie – Framingham, MA. April 2005

Hello Ursula,

When I think back to how I nearly lost control of my life and how far I've come today it's nothing less than amazing. I was suffering from panic attacks which usually occurred when I was driving in my car on the highway. The panic attacks were starting to control my actions so much so, that I recall my first visit with you I was unable to drive myself to your office. I was also suffering from periods of lightheartedness, chronic lower back pain, TMJ, and gastrointestinal problems. After only a few sessions of cranio-sacral and related therapies, I felt stronger and regained control of my life. Today I am virtually pain free, have no use for my mouth guard, and am able to drive without hesitation. I've never felt better in my life as I do today, thanks to you.

Susan L. May 2005